Contact Us About Project

Call or email us and we will review the requirements of your project together. We will then provide you with a detailed, all-inclusive, no-obligation pricing quote. We can also address and answer any questions you have on our process.

Send Us Your Products

Securely pack your items and ship them directly to our studio. Read our packing and shipping tips for helpful suggestions on certain delicate product.

Unpack & Schedule Your Shoot

As soon as your products have arrived, we will contact you. We will then confirm that we have your correct payment information, confirm your order, schedule your shoot, and prepare your products for imaging.

Your products will be photographed utilizing the latest in digital camera technologies and lighting. All photographs are edited for final including proper color and tone as well as any imperfections in the imaging process.

Download Your Images

Upon completion of your project, you will be provided your own custom username and password so you can access the photographs via our secure imaging server. All images are delivered in high resolution at 300 DPI and remain available for future reference and access.

Return and Shipment of Your Products

Your products will be securely packed and returned in their original packaging via your preferred carrier (UPS or FedEx). Shipping can be applied to your invoice or billed directly to your account. If you would prefer your products not be returned, we can also dispose of them at your direction.

Pricing & Rates

We competitively quote and price our photography projects based on the requirements and specific needs of your project. This includes key factors such as size, complexity, and optional features. For basic and simple projects, we offer the following pricing table. Please note that this is provided simply as a guide and by no means is a final quote of the work to be performed. Once we receive your specific project requirements, we can provide an all inclusive pricing quote for your review and approval to proceed with the project.