Kerry Wetzel is passionate about photography.
With over 28 years of experience there is not much that he has not photographed.
In addition to his love of the arts, Kerry has a personal love of art faux painting, design, and digital art.

Technically speaking, Kerry is adept with Adobe Photoshop, the PSCC Suite, and the most advanced digital cameras in today's ever changing market. While on a shoot, Kerry is very independent. Thus allowing him to take direction without his client being on set or at the location. This allows clients the opportunity to focus on their business. meanwhile Kerry is doing his job, taking great pictures!!

Kerry possesses a decidedly useful ability of doing repairs 'McGiver style". This ability allows him to solve problems on the fly and think outside of the box. He can easily foresee potential problems during a shoot and solve them with ease before they occur. Combined with his easygoing attitude, he easily reduces stress on clients and crew thus making him a pleasure to work with.

Kerry frequently donates his time and photography skills to various charities including, but not limited to; The Humane Society and Meals on Wheels. Kerry has also been honored with a Rosey Award and the Los Angeles Art Director Award.

If you need a great photographer, one that will make you laugh, give Kerry a call!