Kerry has been passionate about photography since high school. In addition to his love for the art, he also has 27 years of professional experience. He also has a personal love of art faux painting, design, and digital art. Technically speaking Kerry is adept with Adobe Photoshop, the PSCC Suite, and the most advanced digital cameras for well over fifteen years. While shooting, Kerry is more independent than most photographers and is able to take direction without his client being on set or at the location. This allows clients to focus do their own work and give them the freedom to do what they need; all the while he takes care of doing his job, taking great pictures.

In addition to photography, He has a unique aptitude for do it yourself home repairs. This decidedly useful ability has afforded him the opportunity to problem solve on the fly and come up with ideas as needed. In a sense, he is somewhat of a MacGyver of photography and foresees potential problems during a shoot, solving them with ease before they occur. This, combined with his easygoing attitude, reduces stress on clients and crew and makes Kerry a pleasure to work with. Kerry also does pro bono work for various charities such as the humane society and Meals on Wheels. He's also been honored with various awards including a Rosey Award and the Los Angeles Art Director Award. Currently Kerry is developing a new website, which incorporates new interactive features, something he thinks his clients will like.