4 Things to Consider When Hiring a Professional Photographer

Did you know that adding a photo to an ad improves recall by 65%? Images are powerful and significant.

Photos help us remember events in vivid detail. Images on Facebook garner 352% more engagement than text links.

Are you thinking about hiring a professional photographer? If so, read on for four things to consider before hiring.

Using a Professional Photographer

The digital camera is ubiquitous. Every smartphone has one. And over 70% of Americans own a smartphone.

But just because you own a camera doesn’t mean you know how to take a good photo. Are you looking for great photos for your business or for personal reasons? Hiring a professional is the way to go.

There are many things to consider when hiring a professional photographer.

1. Creative Style

All photographers have their own creative style. When hiring a professional photographer, take a look at their style.

Go on their website (they have a website, right?).

Look at the portfolio of photos. A photographer can be technically perfect and take beautiful photos. But if the photographer’s style doesn’t resonate with you, you might not be happy with the photos later.

So before you take a lot of time looking at references and experience, see if you like their style. Speaking of references…

2. References

Checking a photographer’s references is a good idea. Most people go online, read a few reviews, and hire a photographer. But don’t be afraid to ask for references as well.

Are you hiring a photographer for a product launch? Maybe you’re hiring them to shoot a wedding? These are important life events. You can’t do them over if the photos don’t come out well.

Reviews are a good place to start. But ask for a reference or two. An experienced photographer won’t hesitate to give you a couple of recent references.

3. Experience

It’s true we all have to start somewhere. But an experienced photographer is more comfortable behind the camera. The technological “rules of the road” are second nature.

Ask the photographer how they got their start. Did they go to photography school? There are many great photographers who didn’t go to photography school. But some photography education is a good sign.

A photographer with lots of experience knows how to handle unexpected weather and lighting conditions.

4. Details, Details 

Ask if the photographer offers a contract. This is especially important for event shoots. If the photographer has to cancel at the last minute, will they provide a backup?

How does the photographer deliver the photos? Are they digital or prints? If they’re digital, make sure you have the right equipment for getting them.

Don’t think you’re saving money by using a photographer with a lower rate. Inexperienced photographers often offer a lower rate. But if the resulting photos aren’t good, you’ve wasted your money.

Professional photographers cost more because they’ve spent time and money on their craft.

Get It Right the First Time

Using a professional photographer is a good idea. Don’t leave important photos in the hands of an amateur.

Look at a photographer’s creative style and make sure it resonates with you. Ask for references. Make sure the photographer has experience in the type of photography you want.

Understand all the details before you hire the photographer. Ready to hire a professional photographer? Contact a professional here.